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Olmsted Hydroelectric Power Plant Replacement Project

The Central Utah Water Conservancy District (District) and the United States Department of the Interior, Central Utah Project Completion Act Office (CUCPA Office), as Joint Lead Agencies, are proposing replacements and modifications to the Olmsted Hydroelectric Power Plant located in Orem, Utah, near the mouth of Provo Canyon.

In October 2015, the District assumed the responsibility for operation and maintenance of the Olmsted power plant as a component of the Bonneville Unit of the Central Utah Project (CUP). The Joint Lead Agencies are preparing an Environmental Assessment (EA) in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). The EA will provide the necessary analysis for determining potential environmental impacts associated with the Olmsted power plant replacement project. As part of the EA process, the Joint Lead Agencies are initiating a scoping process and soliciting comments from agencies, interested groups, and the general public regarding the proposed project. The scoping process will assist in the determination of alternatives and environmental impacts to address in the NEPA process.

Water Line Project

February 2016

Project bids received for replacing an Orem City waterline running across the property. The resulting bids were summarized and contact awarded to COP Construction

Environmental Document

January 2015

Final EA & FONSI is available for download.