Power Plant Rehabilitation

Statements of Prequalification are being solicited by the Central Utah Water Conservancy District (CUWCD or OWNER) from interested contractors to construct the 12 MW Olmsted Hydroelectric Powerplant Replacement Project (PROJECT).

The PROJECT consists generally of the following elements:

  • Construction of a new power house building (approximately 165' x 50') with gantry crane and special architectural features to match historic setting
  • Installation of two owner-furnished turbine/generator sets and related piping, valving, and controls
  • Furnishing and installation of a micro hydro facility consisting of 2 separate turbine/generator sets and related piping, valving, and controls
  • Construction of a box culvert tail race and connection to the existing tail race
  • Installation of yard piping
  • Demolition of existing penstocks (48" to 72") and pressure box
  • Installation of a single 84" welded steel penstock
  • Construction of a surge tank
  • Lining of an existing rock tunnel with 84" welded steel pipe and related modifications to the existing overflow structure
  • Connection of power generation facility to existing PacifiCorp substation
  • Associated site work, storm drainage, and fencing
  • Associated pumps, valves, meters, structures, electrical, instrumentation, HVAC and site work

Prequalified Contractors



Orem City Waterline Replacement

An existing waterline for Orem City that crosses the project site will need to be relocated. A single bid from COP Construction was received and contract subsequently awarded by the CUWCD Board in the February 2016.